If I could tell you one thing, it would be this:  the life you're living now - even if you don't think you're at your perfect weight or that your clothes aren't stylish enough - what you're doing right now, matters. Getting photographs of each other isn't just for pleasure or for show, though they are certainly beautiful memories.  I believe it is so significant because it will be a memoir for your family in the future.  

What you are doing right now matters

This is what I want to preserve:  the real, the imperfect, but the oh-so rich and beautiful moments that make love stories so remarkable. After decades have passed and your grandchildren pull out your treasured box of photographs, they will not only see your love, but they will be able to feel it and be inspired to love greatly because of the love legacy you have left behind. 

When I take a photograph I see beyond the frame, beyond the moment 
and I dream about the people it will influence. 

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We get to meet for the very first time!  My heart beats to see you become comfortable in front of my camera through building a real, trustworthy relationship with you.  This first part is chock-full of ways I get to know what fills your heart & how you're looking to safe keep your family (or soon to be family!) memories. 

How do I do this?  By offering my heart and passion to each client that comes my way, I want to enable you to celebrate your relationships right now.  It is my hope that my attention to detail, extra care items that focus on your relationships, and keeping you in my thoughts and prayers throughout our time together will be a blessing in your life - more than just a photographer who took pretty pictures.

Throughout the process, in between all the pressure of planning a wedding or managing a family, I see my role as more than just your photographer.  I'm here to make sure you can set aside time to build your own relationships in the everyday busyness and stress.  I want you to know you are loved just as you are. 

Here comes the culmination of it all: capturing life's moments for my clients so that they and those that surround them in love will be able to look back at the photos for years to come and see the life and love they share.  Practically, this means the day-of shooting, curating and editing, and sending off the photos to you and helping you select tangible reminders of your love for your home and family members.

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Hello there!  

I'm Carolyn, and it is my hope that when you leave here you will be inspired to hug those you cherish a little tighter.  Most days you can find me with full hands - a coffee cup or camera in one hand and a little person in the other, and an even fuller heart!

After ten years of marriage and four beautiful children later, you can probably guess I might have a box of photos tucked away some place safe - you definitely are right!  And even though most of these photographs are not super styled or even ideally composed, they tell the perfectly imperfect love story that is ours and I wouldn't want it any other way. 

My Love Story

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Your Love Story

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My heart is inspiring and preserving love stories that become more deep and beautiful with time and continue to encourage the loved ones around them. If you believe that caring for your family's legacy includes a priceless, treasured box of photographs that is full of memories of joy, laughter, tears and the perfectly imperfect, but oh-so real moments of your love story, then I would be delighted to get to know you more! 

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I'm a wife to my high school sweetheart and a mom to four of the sweetest kiddos you'll ever meet, something I wasn't sure we would have at the beginning of our marriage.  I'm a grace-needer, morning person, water and swimming enthusiast, and artist happiest in nature.  I so appreciate romantic gestures, but am a firm believer that they don't have to be fancy to be meaningful.  I definitely am an introvert but thrive by getting to know other people and taking time to build deep relationships. 


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